Kompetensi Lulusan

Graduate Competencies

French Language Education Study Program graduates are expected to be French Language Education graduates with independent, responsible, critical, creative, and innovative characters who have the competence to teach French; to be able to communicate orally and in writing in French; to translate French into Indonesian texts; to develop the ability to guide French-speaking tourists; to conduct research in French language, literature, and teaching; to design programs and manage school management; and other relevant fields.



Learning Outcome



  1. believing in God the Almighty and able to show a religious attitude;
  2. upholding humanistic values ​​in carrying out duties based on religion, morals, and ethics;
  3. internalizing academic values, norms, and ethics;
  4. taking part as citizens who are proud and love the country, showing nationalism and a sense of responsibility to the state and nation;
  5. respecting the diversity of cultures, views, religions, and beliefs, as well as the original opinions or findings of others;
  6. contributing to improving the quality of life in society, nation, state, and advancement of civilization based on Pancasila;
  7. cooperating and showing social sensitivity and taking care of the community and the environment;
  8. obeying the law and discipline in public and state life;
  9. internalizing the spirit of independence, struggle, and entrepreneurship;
  10. showing an attitude of responsibility for work in their field of expertise independently;
  11. showing sincerity, commitment, sincerity to develop the attitudes, values ​​, and abilities of students.


Knowledge Mastery

  1. mastering theoretical concepts of language and techniques of communicating oral and general written in French in everyday/general, academic, and work contexts;
  2. mastering the theoretical concepts of language and techniques of oral and written communication in French for specific purposes in everyday/general, academic, and work contexts;
  3. mastering the theoretical concepts of French language education and teaching
  4. mastering the theoretical concepts of French language and literature;
  5. mastering the principles of developmental psychology and educational psychology;
  6. mastering the concepts and techniques of developing learning programs, presentation (methods and procedures), management, and evaluation related to French.


Specific Skills

  1. showing fluency in French orally and in writing in everyday/general, academic, and work contexts;
  2. demonstrating fluency in French in the tourism sector;
  3. showing fluency in French for translation purposes;
  4. being able to produce innovative designs or learning models for learning French;
  5. being able to conduct research in the field of French and its learning;
  6. being able to conduct studies of theory, concept, approach, and problem-solving in French learning;
  7. being able to analyze and implement the French language education curriculum.


General Skills

  1. developing logical, critical, systematic, and creative thinking in the field of French and its teaching;
  2. developing the ability to take the initiative in making decisions based on information and data;
  3. developing creative skills in solving problems in the field of education;
  4. improving learning capacity independently;
  5. managing, developing, and maintaining networks with colleagues in institutions and communities across disciplines.